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Painters in Toronto – Mas Construction Painting Contractor

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Painters in Toronto – Mas Construction Painting Contractor


Passionately, we are serving the people of Canada for the last 20 years. Because of our experienced team of Painters in Toronto.

We are working with all residential, office, as well as commercial painting services in Toronto. Mas Construction the best Painting Contractor in Toronto.

A decent wall paint shows your nature whether you are simple or you are fancy. That is to say, we use only the best quality color which looks premium and elegant. We use Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Dulux, Behr, and Para quality paint.

With which we offer all the essential Painting services like:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Venetian plaster
  • Drywall installation
  • Taping plastering
  • Stucco ceiling removal

Interior painting

interior painting services in toronto

From a dull-looking room to a completely colorful, fresh. Therefore amazing quality interior paint can show a huge change in your home interior and your happiness.

Taking weeks to try and do it all by you can be visible. There is a huge around between the finishing of a week experienced person and henceforth years of an experienced team.

Mas Construction has made the method of getting your house’s Interior paint better, in other words, effective and beautiful.

  • Kitchens painting
  • Living Rooms painting
  • Bedrooms painting
  • Dining Rooms painting
  • Bathrooms painting
  • Home Offices painting
  • Hallways painting
  • Nurseries painting
  • Basements painting
  • Foyers painting
  • Doors painting
  • Windows painting

Exterior painting

Never minimize the result of a new, fresh coat of paint. Because it doesn’t matter if we’re working with brick, stucco, wood siding, cedar shingles, vinyl, or wood trim. 

Mas Construction’s expert Exterior Painters in Toronto has years of experience in exterior painting every kind of outdoor material:

  • Wood painting
  • Composite
  • Vinyl and Aluminum Siding,
  • Fascia and Eavestrough,
  • Fence painting
  • Decks painting
  • Patios
  • Railings painting

Venetian plaster

Painting has many advantages and getting redefining modern and antique look is a way through Venetian plaster.

Today with techniques to decorate your interior like nobody. As a matter of fact our decorative painting, we will focus on Venetian stucco, a naturally bactericidal and anti-mold method, it allows us to obtain a smooth and very shiny stucco appearance, very aesthetic characterized.

Drywall installation


The boards are fixed by strips, and consisting of 2 plasterboards sealed on a cardboard heart and installed on a wooden frame and a metal rail.

We specialize in drywall connection for both commercial and residential projects. Similarly, it is installed mainly indoors and on the upper floors without fear of being too heavy.

Drywall installation is easy but requires knowledge for installation. However, It must be able to support the plasterboard. In addition for more details read here Guide on Drywall Installation.

Taping plastering

Mas Construction offers a wide range of services which include taping, plastering on the other hand we apply a thin coat of union with the taping process. However, the best results are achieved with three coats of compound.

Stucco ceiling removal

‘Wet’ the ceiling with water. No chemicals are used, at the same time removing the stucco. With an application of plaster to the ceiling. Sometimes multiple layers are needed.

Apply the plaster in very thin layers to assure there are not any air pockets, for this reason it prevents the ceiling from cracking within the longer term. Feather and sand the ceiling to a pleasing flush, smooth finish.

Why Choose Mas Construction

  • Patience
  • The thoroughness
  • The constancy
  • Resourcefulness
  • Observation
  • Critical mind
  • The rapidity
  • Punctuality
  • Value for money


Our Painter will not be discourage during long painting jobs

Painters take time but for perfection. It is better, especially for painters who have less experience. To take your time rather than going too fast and being forced to start all over again.


A Good Painting Contractor must be careful. We pay attention to every small detail of the work. Not to forget to a wall do the wardrobe and electric baseboard heater, and so on. We love our job and do 100% to complete the job perfectly.

Thus, our Painters will ensure that all of the cutting lines are straight. After this, painters will verify that the number of layers on it is sufficient to cover the original paint.


Some Painter with lack consistency: very skillful one day, they do not apply at all the next day. Our painters are very consistent in their work. Doing their job with the same enthusiasm.

To have good references, at least 9 out of 10 customers should say they are satisfied with your work. If not, try to improve your consistency.


We as good Painting Contractor are resourceful and will take the initiative to solve every problem during the work.

Any kind of need or resources regarding the work we arrange and managed all. Above all, resourcefulness often compensates for the lack of experience of a painter 


Our skilled team of Painter is a good observer. We notice every little fault during the job. Techniques of teammates them when they are better than his own.


We always admit our mistakes: and at the same time, our painter must correct them. 

If there is no paint coat or if there is an “orange peel” on the surface, you should recognize this and take steps to correct these defects.


Fast work is not always good. We Painters in Toronto doing work according to the phrase and step by step.


What could be more frustrating than a painter who arrives late for the paint job? If we fail to finish the job on time? We are always punctual, so that it will help you finish the job on schedule and your schedule will be much easier to manage.


Now is the time to talk about the price. A professional painter won’t inflate your bill, but they won’t necessarily give you a discount either. If your painter offers you a significantly lower price, don’t waste your time.

Low cost, cheap result. If they charge less, it’s either because their work isn’t worth it, or they’re working under the table. Although cheaper, if you go in the dark, you won’t have any protection if something goes wrong.

Your contractor may charge your hidden costs, miss deadlines, or blockwork. For those that protect your investment by hiring a registered house painter and signing a formal contract.

Get various kinds of house painting services in one place. We have an experienced team of painters for Commercial and Residential painting jobs in Toronto.

We also provide our painting services in Brampton, Mississauga, and Markham. Contact us today! Fill the form below