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Tips to Choose the Right Colors for House | Painter In Toronto

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Tips to Choose the Right Colors for House | Painter In Toronto


At the present time, people are getting more and more variety in their wall paint choices. There are several suitable ways to get your home decor by choosing colors for house painting including some marvelous and trendy wall paint colors

However, Selecting the right paint color for your house is not an easy task. In addition, the color should reflect your personality and trigger emotions that resemble you. Even if you don’t think about it every day. Therefore, the wall paint of your bedroom affects your nature.

A house painter plays an important role to choose the right painting colors for the house. So here is the best wall paint color pick for you by the house Painter in Toronto that will suit your personality.

House Paint Color Suggestions

  • Mauve color
  • Mustard yellow color
  • Blue color
  • Teal color
  • Green color
  • Pink color
  • Orange color
  • Red color
  • Pastel blue color

Mauve color

Mauve color means luxury, creativity, and relaxation. It is a pale purple color name came from the mallow flower. However, this is color that is mostly used In the bedrooms and recognized as a modern color. Stay on the right side of this equation before making any decision!

Mauve is a royal color for centuries. Several historical figures displayed it to show their wisdom and wealth. Also, mauve is the color of the supernatural and the deities. Likewise, many people use this color as their house Exterior Painting.

Mustard yellow color


Mustard yellow communicates joy. It was one of the star colors of 2018, and we are starting to be ready to integrate it into our decor. Even though this color is known to bring happiness.

The overdose of energy that this provides can interfere with the relaxation and calm that one seeks. If you are young parents, studies show babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.

Benefit of having mustard yellow paint

In therapy, yellow helps to stimulate the nerves as well as cleanse the body. To integrate it into your decor, you could create a yellow mural.

Blue color

Toronto House Painter recommends for people who are a little more reserved, blue is a perfect bedroom color. This is a relaxing, calm, and serene color. 

Blue is an extremely popular color with men as well as increasingly with women. Very dark shades of blue reflect sadness or melancholy.

On the other hand, pale blue hues can complement the lighting of a room that receives little natural light.

Benefit of having blue paint

Blue is the exact opposite of the fiery and alarming red on the color wheel, which means it evokes opposite emotions. Blue instills peace, quiet, calm, and serenity, helping to reduce anxiety, aggression, as well as high blood pressure and heart rate. 

The study says that watching blue color more maximin time in your day will help you get better and healthy emotionally.

Teal color


It is in fashion, in the course of the fall / winter 2020-2021 collections. Turquoise also takes its place in the decor!

Royal and a bit dramatic, although we love the enveloping atmosphere it creates in space! This color helps to lift our mood. Whether used as an accent wall. This color will be a must-have this year in your room.

House Painter in Toronto recommends this paint color to Teenagers and adult rooms.

Green color

Green is a refreshing and soothing color to the eyes. Thus it is color with good luck, health, and peace of mind. When used properly, this color can be perfect for any room in a home.

Try it out to add color to your entrance hall. Therefore this is an ideal color for nature enthusiasts.

Benefit of having green paint

Green color and its ability to reduce stress. Plus, some studies claim green is good for productivity.

Pink color

A paler and lighter version of pink, red inspires romance and love. This color is strongly identified with women, but more and more men are adopting it. Pink has features such as kindness, compassion, and gentleness.

House Painter suggest a combination of wall paint color for boys that must contain pink color; Navy blue + millennial pink / Taupe + black + white + peach / Sage green + white + millennial pink + natural wood

Benefit of having pink paint

This color is known to have a soothing and creative effect. Pink is a popular color for young girls’ bedrooms.

Orange color


We love its rich shade without being too saturated which wakes up the decor and brightens the room. Whether you use it on an accent wall or all your walls, it is THE color to brighten up your space! 

Orange is color-filled with energy and enthusiasm. It’s not typically associated with bedrooms. In addition, it can be perfect for active people who are on the move. Similarly color can make you think of many pleasant things like a sunset, the freshness of citrus fruits, or an autumn landscape!

Benefit of having orange paint

Ancient cultures associated this color with good breathing and high energy levels.

Red color

Red is a color that is characterized by its intensity. Whether invoking love, passion, or anger on you, this energetic hue always makes a striking first impression.

Many people find this color too stimulating for the bedroom. However, if you only spend time in the bedroom after sunset, deep reds will become stylish and soothing.

Benefit of having red paint

Red increase breathing speed, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Pastel blue color


A pastel blue is a color with which we live well. It is classic while being elegant and versatile. Also subtle hue pairs well with brass accessories, and Bright yellow and white tones.

Plus, pastel blue is calming and warm. So if you’re looking to add some sparkle to a dark home, this is a shade to consider. 

Benefit of having blue paint

Pastel blue decreases blood pressure, breathing speed, and heart rate. If you use your bedroom for homework or work. Blue is known to improve productivity!

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