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Drywall Installation, Repair, Finish, Paint, Hang & More

Drywall Services

When it’s time to installing drywall in your home, we make the tough job easy. From removing old damaged parts to hang drywall, our professional drywall Installer manages the project from start to finish.

Mas Construction Drywall Installation Services Include:

  • Sheetrock, green board, gypsum, and stucco install
  • Hanging drywall (including ceiling installation)
  • Drywall mudding and taping
  • Painting and finishing touches

Drywall Repair & Finishing

Mas Construction drywall contractors can perform many drywall repairs and finishing services to make your home look great.

All of our home renovation professionals have an average of 20 years of experience:

  • Wear & Tear
  • Cracks From Settling
  • Moisture Damage
  • Doorknob Holes
  • Mice Damage
  • Kid Damage
  • Throwing Darts Holes
  • Drywall Anchor Holes

Drywall Installation Process

If the panels are fixed to concrete, in the basement for example, first install battens or furring on the wall to fix the panels.

Cover with suitable insulation and install a construction vapor barrier before closing the wall.

Make T-brackets to hold the panels during a ceiling installation: on a piece of wood 8 ‘long, nail another piece perpendicularly to form a “T” (like a telephone pole). 

You can also rent a panel lifter.

Wear tight-fitting gloves to protect your hands while cutting and to ensure a good grip on the panel. A bit of hard work, contact the expert Painters in Toronto who provide you best drywall installing service in Toronto, GTA.

Drywall services in Toronto for residential and commercial

Do you have gypsum installation work to be carried out in Toronto, GTA? Our expert engineer can help you with that.

Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, new construction, or renovation work, our team of drywall experts is at your service to help you carry out your projects according to your requirements and your deadlines.

What is gypsum and what is it used for?

In the construction industry, the gypsum board is part of the composition of interior partitions and acts as a fire stop.

It is sold in different lengths and thicknesses.

This is an important material and for this reason, it is essential to entrust the install drywall mandate to our expert drywall installers.

The drywall in your home provides different finishes, such as latex paint, acrylic, wallpaper, and ceramic.

It is designed with meticulousness and great care, hence the importance of entrusting your project to our experienced gypsum installers.

Our expert team is perfect to ensure the quality and conformity of the work that will make your home beautiful.

How much drywall installation cost

The cost of your project will depend on many factors, like area size, required material, labor cost, etc. Here below mention all factors in detail.

Here are some average costs of drywall hang, New Install, Repair, etc. (Info source by you must click to read the full price list here.

Remove old plaster & install drywall cost – $2.50 -5.00 sq.ft.

Install drywall over exiting plaster cost- $1.50 – 3.00 (board) sq.ft.

New Plaster install cost – $8.00 – 11..00 sq.ft.

Install drywall in an unfinished area – $7.00 – 9.00 sq.ft.

Texture spray ceiling cost – $1.00 – up sq.ft.

Suspended Ceiling Tile Installation cost – $2.50 for 6.00 sq.ft.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Installation cost – $1.50 for 5.00 sq.ft.

Sand & Finish existing wood floors cost – $2.00 for 4.00 sq.ft.

Wood floor installation cost – $5.50 for 12.00 sq.ft.

Ceramic Tile – Supply & install  cost – $10.00 – up sq.ft.

Vinyl floor tiles supply & install cost – $2.00 – up sq.ft.

Window and doors

Windows sliders, casement, awning, double hang installed cost – $140.00

Windows fixed, bay, bow, round installed price – $1,200.00

Doors exterior, insulated,metal – $750.00

Doors exterior, solid wood cost- $850.00

Replace entrance door latch & lock set – $150.00

Install decorative glass in entrance door – $500.00

Install patio doors brick wall – $2,500.00

Drywall Material

The exact cost of the materials will depend on the size and thickness required, but drywall prices range from $20 to $ 40* per sheet. 

Mas Construction can get a discount for purchasing bulk materials, so it’s worth checking before you buy anything yourself.

Labor Drywalling Cost

It depends on the length of the project that how many drywall repairman are required and similarly the cost will be increased.

Drywall repairs

Small holes in drywall can be repaired with a drywall patch for $75 to $190 *, while more serious problems such as cracks or water damage can cost anywhere from $220 to $400 *

Drywall finishing

There are 5 different levels for the drywall job, depending on where it is being installed. The overall look you want to achieve. 

An expert can install and finish drywall up to the 4th level (that includes three coatings of the compound), you should expect to pay $1.80-$4* per square foot. 

Advantages of drywall

Easy and quick process

This is one of the great advantages of drywall, especially over traditional masonry walls. 

Installation is quick and can even be done under the “do it yourself” concept, provided you have all the tools and materials needed for your proper finish.

Low cost to install drywall

The aesthetic, practical, and economical solution, plasterboard is the right choice. The cost of material ad installation is lower than other types of walls. 

To give you an idea, the price per square meter of a drywall wall ranges from $ 20 to $ 40, just the material. With labor included, this value ranges from around $ 70 to $ 100 per square meter. 

Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about plastering, thin mass, and other finishes, because drywall panels are ready to receive paint or any type of coating you wish to apply.

Clean work

Drywall left no residue, such as debris and dirt. While the installation involves fixing the plates into a metal structure. Easy to install electrical, hydraulic, and telephone wire network

The drywall wall allows the installation of conduits for wiring and simplification of water distribution.

Sound insulation

It might not look like this, but drywall walls have good sound insulation, especially when filled with mineral wool.

Finishing varieties

It can provide many types of flooring that go far ahead of old paint. You can use pastilles, tiles, fabric, and wallpaper, among other types of finishes.

A gain of useful surface

Drywall is thin, so the thickness of the drywall walls provides the surroundings to save space. Unlike what happened with masonry walls, they acquire a lot of space compare to the drywall.

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