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MAS construction

Drywall Taping & Plastering applies to all surfaces constructed from old plasterboard or drywall. As the owner of an older home, you may be familiar with issues like cracks in walls and ceilings, peeling paint, imperfect surfaces.

Mas Construction could help you with that. Good preparation of surfaces (ceilings and walls) including plaster repairs is necessary before an interior painting project. 

Repairing dents and holes in your walls will give your home a perfect finished look and help the paint look better and last longer. The paint will resist chipping and stay smooth on repaired walls.

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Drywall Taping & Plastering

As professional tapers, the process of apply a thin coat of applying paper or fiberglass tape over the joints between pieces of installed drywall. Then covering it with the tape, this is defined as Drywall Taping. The Best results are achieved with three coats of compound.

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