A Detailed Guide on Drywall Installation Services, Toronto

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A Detailed Guide on Drywall Installation Services, Toronto


The drywall is a good option for renovation and new construction of the home. It helps to make partition in space; Drywall Installation makes extra space for new rooms.

These non-load-bearing walls are used for many other reasons also, and the type chose varies depending on the use.

In this detailed article on “Drywall installation services in Toronto” by a professionals Painting Contractor in Toronto. All its uses, types, benefits of drywall and many more.

In This Article

  • What is drywall?
  • Benefits of Drywall Installation?
  • Types of Drywall?
    • Drywall made of plasterboard
    • Particleboard drywall installation
    • Drywall in honeycomb panels
    • Openwork drywall
  • How to install drywall?
  • Ask yourself the right questions before getting Drywall Installation

What is drywall?

What is drywall

The drywall is a lightweight element, which makes it possible to make partition in a construction. Its lightness is because it is mounted without binder: water, sand, and cement.

The adjective “dry” is used to it because its preparation does not involve mortar or any liquid elements.

It is not designed to be used as a support in the building. It is, in reality, a panel made up of plasters molded between two layers of the drywall sheet, all assembled in strips.

In general, they are used to carry out separations, without requiring major works.

It is a “dry” construction element, specially designed for use in collective and individual houses.

However, its effectiveness gives it many other uses. It can also serve as:

  • Distribution partition: it allows to compartmentalize the interior space of a single person
  • Separating wall: it separates spaces used by several people
  • Counter-partition: it is placed a few centimeters from a wall, to serve as a lining, because of the thermal insulation installed between it and the wall
  • Small partition: it is only a few centimeters long, and does not reach the ceiling.

Drywall is quite practical and perfect for renovation projects. They also help in the development of attics.

Benefits of Drywall Installation?

Its lightness is the first and the best benefit of drywall. It can therefore be used as a separation for the upper floors of a dwelling, without causing excess weight.

It also installs easily and very quickly. By using drywall, you save space, and also rooms in your home.

The benefits of Drywall Installation are ideal for sub-slopes and offers possibilities to integrate thermal insulation. It is also very useful for having good sound insulation.

Certain types of drywall have good resistance to certain weathering.

Types of Drywall?

Drywall can be of different kinds. Their type depends on the use made of them. There are particularly four types of drywall. Here read below.

Drywall made of plasterboard

It has several qualities. It promotes good sound insulation, with the possibility of integrating electrical ducts and heating pipes.

Its use is recommended, in case of improvement of a room, for example. It is moderately resistant to fire.

Particleboard drywall installation

Its bands stick easily, because of the presence of the tongues and grooves, which compose them. This type of partition has the advantage of being fixed with wood glue.

Drywall in honeycomb panels

It is easy to assemble and install. It is mounted on a wooden frame, rather smooth. This type of drywall is lighter than the others.

Honeycomb panel drywall is suitable for room partitions made at the story level.

Openwork drywall

It is often made of wood, elements derived from concrete, terracotta, polymer, or metal. It allows spaces to be delimited while allowing sound and light to pass through.

Among these different types of partitions, it is better to make a choice depending on where you plan to have it installed. The choice also depends on the use you want to make of the room, which you are furnishing.

How to install drywall?

How to install drywall

Here is Drywall Installation Guide

In most cases, Drywall Installation Services, Toronto is quite convenient. Drywall is placed on a frame. It is better, that at the time of installation, you take measures to protect it from humidity. 

Products designed for this purpose are commercially available. Protection is obligatory when drywall is installed as a bathroom wall.

After installation, you can decorate it as you wish, or leave it as is. It is still necessary to apply a stroke of paint or another type of coating. In order not to make a mistake, the best solution is to educate yourself, if you decide to proceed with the installation yourself.

There are several types of Drywall sheet, for making drywall. Those that are flame retardant, water repellents for damp rooms, and finally those that are reinforced.

The latter has a high fiber content, which makes them even more resistant to various shocks, which they could be confronted with.

It is possible to double and even triple the plates, when assembling the partition, to increase the comfort and capacities of the latter.

In making your choice, it is up to you to take into account your needs, and especially the result you hope, after the installation of the drywall.

Ask yourself the right questions before getting Drywall Installation

There are two main categories of partitions: “wet” partitions are fitted with plaster, mortar, or glue; the partitions “dry” consist of a metal frame (or timber) on which are screwed plates facing.

  • To make the right choice and choose the right material, you have to ask yourself several questions: is acoustic or thermal insulation necessary? Does the partition have to integrate cables? On what floor is it planned? What is the nature of the soil? What is the available budget? 
  • Depending on whether aesthetics, insulation, or economic aspects are preferred, there is in all cases a type of partition adapted to its needs.
  • Similarly, we should not focus on the price: when we compartmentalize, it is for a long time.

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