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12 Tips for Hiring a House Painter in Toronto | Mas Construction

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12 Tips for Hiring a House Painter in Toronto | Mas Construction

12 Tips for Hiring a Painter for house

Anyone can paint your house walls and ceiling. However, not all will do it to your satisfaction as Painter for house can do.

While hiring a painter for the house painting, it is obvious that many doubts and questions arise in the mind.

For eg: What quality of the paint will be used? Will the painter use your kitchen sink to clean his brushes? Will he show up on the agreed day, at the scheduled time? All painting companies do not offer services of equal quality. Don’t get confused.

Here we gonna share 12 tips for hiring a painter for house in Toronto in this article.

In This Article

  • Will the house painter use tape?
  • Do they prepare the surfaces?
  • One or two coats of paint?
  • What quality of paint you will use?
  • Do you cleanse at the end of the day?
  • Environmental awareness
  • Ask how did they charge for work?
  • How does Painter for house want to get paid?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • Can I set a fixed date for the painting?
  • Before hiring a painter, ask – can you put your offer in writing?
  • Check all legally

Will the house Painter use tape?

If the painter admits that he uses green tape, reject him straight away before hiring them. Real painters have a nimble touch. They don’t need tape to prevent smudging. They won’t waste time applying tape for decoupage at the junction of two colors or to protect surfaces.

Do they prepare the surfaces?


In the area like kitchen and bathroom, some walls must first be washed with a degreaser. A good house painter will also offer to remove old paint and repair the walls: holes, cracks, sloppy joints, and loose moldings. 

This job can extend a day’s job because the joint compound must be allowed time to dry. 

One or two coats of paint?

To achieve a quality job, you need at least one primer and one topcoat in your home. When the price of a quote is lower, it may be because the painter intends to apply only one coat to the ceiling.

If painting contractors feel that one coat on the ceiling will not be enough to do a quality job, get ready for another coat.

What quality of paint you will use?


Paint manufacturer offers first, second, and third quality products. But how to choose the right one here your professional painters guides you. A Professional Painteronly uses the first quality paint, often 100% acrylic. 

Labor costs a lot more than painting, so there aren’t many savings to be made with substandard paint.

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Do you cleanse at the end of the day? Ask your painter

When the accommodation or the house is occupied during the works, the painter must remove the canvases and put away his equipment before finishing his day. 

To wash brushes in a customer’s sink, you have to ask permission. If the client is not comfortable, the painter will pack his brushes and clean them at home.

Environmental awareness

People want to ensure that their environmental impact is minimized as much as possible and many companies are following suit. Does your painter recycle paint? 

And what about other materials and tools? Are they biodegradable? Nowadays, there are several brands of ecological, non-toxic, biodegradable paint on the market… Find out more.

Ask how they charge for painting work

Self-employed painters who charge by hourly or on a per piece price ask their clients to pay for the paint separately.

Rather, companies tend to include all painting tasks in the set price for the entire job. A Painting Contractor in Toronto gives discounts on the price of the painting that you can negotiate. Before hiring a painter, you must keep these questions in your mind.

How does Painter for house want to get paid?


If the entrepreneur wants to be paid in cash, that’s a bad sign. If he asks for a deposit to buy the painting, it doesn’t hold water. Everyone has an account with a supplier and there is a certain deadline to pay. 

Good painting contractor presents their invoice at the end of the work, after ensuring customer satisfaction.

How much will it cost me?

The BIG question painter for houses the price. To avoid surprises, be sure to think about the small details. Ask the painter to come to the site to assess the work to be done. 

Several criteria can influence the price: number of pieces, surfaces to be painted, choice of colors, etc. It may require a surplus for hard-to-reach ceilings and walls (such as at the top of a staircase). 

The cost will likely be higher if you want several different colors than if you want all white. Some colors require multiple coats. A good house painter will examine all of these details before claiming a contract to you.

Can I set a fixed date for the painting?

You must ask your painter that can they work on your preferable date. If they don’t have time then they probably had a team of fewer painters. Remember, don’t ask them for tomorrow, But it must be within a week. If the painter doesn’t agree according to your time then don’t go for them.

Before hiring a painter, ask – can you put your offer in writing?

The date of the work, the choice of colors and type of paint, the preparation of the surfaces, who will move the furniture, the price: all this can be indicated in the contract, which the contractor will produce in a few minutes using the software. He can give you the detail of the progress of work and specify, for example, that we will start with the rooms.

Check all legally

Does the Painting contractor need to have a certificate of competence? Must the contractor have a license? Regarding maintenance and renovation work, Law R-20 does not apply if you live on site. 

Here is the information that the Quebec Construction Commission (QCC) sent us on this subject.

For painting in a condo, a house, or a multiplex apartment occupied for personal purposes, the owner is not required to hire a qualified worker, who holds a certificate of competence awarded by the QCC or to remunerate him under the applicable collective agreement. The hourly rate is determined by the contract concluded between the parties. An RBQ license is not required, but preferable.

For painting work in rented accommodation or a multi-unit building, the non-occupying owner must do business with a person or a company that holds a license from the RBQ. 

And in case of infringement? If the company holds a license from the RBQ, it is the company that will be targeted by the infringements and that will be liable to a fine. If the non-occupying owner deals with a person without a license from the RBQ, he will be considered his employer.

I hope after reading this article you have to choose your painter for the house wisely. If need any consultation fill the form below.