MAS construction

We take many steps to ensure we protect your home, furniture, and belongings. Paper floor protection for hardwood floors, and plastic for carpet and walls. We also cover/close vents to prevent dust and debris from spreading.

We ‘wet’ the ceiling with water. No chemicals are used! Then we scrape down the ceiling, removing the stucco/popcorn. We also remove dust, debris, and loose ceiling particles.

We apply a layer of plaster to the ceiling. Sometimes multiple layers are needed. We apply the plaster in very thin layers to assure there are no air pockets – This prevents the ceiling from cracking in the future.

We feather and sand the ceiling to a nice flush, smooth finish.

When the ceiling is perfectly smooth with no imperfections, we prime and paint using a top quality paint.

We take pride in making sure your home is left the same way it was before we started!

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