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The stucco or popcorn ceiling present in homes for centuries and centuries reached its peak in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Even today, there are stucco walls and ceilings, but the plasterer craftsmen of old were so creative that to repair a surface; it is often difficult to reproduce the same style. Those craftsmen were able to do so by Stucco Removal.

The mixture used at the time is also difficult to reproduce. The backing was usually prepared with oil and the plaster was mixed with a few chemicals that are impossible to find today. 

Although we find the stucco less attractive now, it provides an extra layer of insulation and cuts – a little – the sounds that attempt to travel through the air transfer, as it seals the surface of the wall. With most of the trends coming back, can we assume that stucco plaster will regain popularity anytime soon?

Not sure but if you are planning for stucco ceiling removal, contact the best service provider, Mas Construction.

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