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When is the Right Time to Repaint the House by Exterior Painter

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When is the Right Time to Repaint the House by Exterior Painter


Inside and outside painting is important for the house. A good painting makes your house beautiful and attractive. It also helps protect from harsh weather rain and storms.

It is necessary to update your home paint after a certain period. However, there are certain rules to follow when it comes to updating the color of the walls in the house. According to Painting Contractor Toronto after 5 years you should repaint your house.

In this article, find out here when is the right time to repaint the house, by the exterior painter.

In This Article

  • What are the risks of painting in summer?
  • Repainting in the fall is ideal
  • How often to paint your interior walls?
  • What about the exterior walls?
  • Do not paint if precipitation is forecast (rain or hail)

House painting in the summer?

House Painting in summer? It’s a good idea but beware of excessive heat. To paint you need a temperature between 12 and 25 degrees

Indeed, the paint needs an average temperature to be able to react correctly on the support and to offer an impeccable result. 

Moreover, paint bucket labels on it. You generally have the minimum and maximum temperature indications recommended for your painting.

However, the risks to painting in summer are more or less the same, whatever the nature of the paint you have decided to apply, namely:

  • A time ultra-fast drying: this is obvious, but it was emphasized. If it is very hot, the drying time will necessarily be shorter. And even too short. Brush or roller marks may be visible, as the paint will dry between two passes. Also, paint that dries too quickly risks blistering, especially on wooden support or not adhering to the surface. Finally, it may flake off.
  • A lack of ventilation: for the chemistry to take place, the paint needs ventilation and light. And in summer, when the temperatures rise above 30 degrees, it’s hard to find a breath of fresh air. There is therefore a risk that the chemical emulsion will not take place. It has a good chance of not adhering to the support and of not giving the expected result.
  • Moisture present: If you think around the problem by painting very early in the morning, you’re wrong. Indeed, if the paint fears heat, it is also sensitive to too much humidity. Also, your painting may not like the morning dew and the dawn humidity.
  • The heatstroke and odors: Heat tenfold odor. The smell of paint may be very strong, even unbearable in summer. Without a face mask, you may feel nausea and inconvenience. You are also likely to have heat stroke. At the time of high temperature, the effort it is important to avoid a lick of paint on the wall

Is Painting in Summer Good or Not

Is Painting in Summer Good or Not

Most often, homeowners choose to repaint the house exterior of their home in the summer. Indeed, we tend to think that the hot season is ideal for the paint to dry faster. 

Avoided this mistake. A day that is too sunny is not an ideal time to do painting work and especially the exterior painting of the house. Also, when it is too hot, the paint will dry too quickly, which may leave visible brush marks and blisters on the surface.

Likewise, it is not advisable to paint in the middle of winter, especially if your heating is not in use. We can then say that the best season to paint is autumn

The weather conditions in autumn ensure ideal and suitable drying. Do not hesitate to entrust your work to a professional Exterior painter reference. 

Mas Construction Toronto recommends quality brands of paint and products for your building painting work.

How often to paint your interior walls?

The exterior walls of the house require more time of repaint than comparing to interior walls because the exterior wall can get easily damaged by harsh weather.

It doesn’t mean you don’t need to repaint interior walls, infant, there are many reasons that can damage interior pain.

The frequency of your interior painter jobs will depend on each room. 

Indeed, the maintenance needs will not be the same in the kitchen, the bedroom.

For the main rooms, which are the living room and the dining room, you can count between 5 and 7 years before redoing the color.

Re-paint the kitchen and bathroom wall after 3 to 4 years as they are more often exposed to humidity and liquid splashes.

For bedrooms, the paint often lasts a very long time and you will change color out of desire and not out of necessity due to deterioration.

What about the exterior walls?

Natural conditions such as heat, rain, snow, or hail damages the wall paint. Exterior paint is more exposed to it.

Indeed, it is important to repaint your house every 4 to 5 years. So that your paint can last longer, be sure to follow a few application rules. 

For example, you always need 2 coats to ensure a more even result.

Also, it is important to respect the drying time between the two coats.

Longer lasting homogeneous, aesthetic paint must be there in your painting job.

Do not paint if precipitation is forecast (rain or hail?)

Do not paint in forecast

The rule is simple: the more humid the ambient air, the longer the paint will take to dry. 

If natural conditions such as heat, rain, snow, or hail are not harming the painted wall. You will need to make sure that no one touches the fresh paint for a few more hours.

The drying time indicated on the label does not take into account a high degree of humidity. Hail will damage your finish. 

There could be so many touch-ups that you will have to do that it will be less laborious to redo an additional coat of paint.

Thanks for reading the article I hope you understand. To hire the best house Exterior Painter in Toronto contact us today.