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Easy Brick Wall Exterior Painting Tips | Mas Construction

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Easy Brick Wall Exterior Painting Tips | Mas Construction


A brick wall painting is an easy way to update the look of any exterior or interior of your house. The exterior brick wall painting is the latest trend nowadays.

You must be wondering, why paint the exterior brick wall? You could be a happy brick wall without paint on it, it doesn’t look that bad.

But why the house painter recommends painting a brick wall. Here are some important things that you must know before going for brick wall exterior painting in this article.

Table of Content

  • Paint with a brush or a spray gun?
  • What type of paint to use?
  • When to do exterior painting work?
  • Planning brick painting work 
  • The steps for painting work
  • Exterior painting problems
  • Maintaining a painted brick surface
  • How to choose the best exterior painter
  • FAQ: Exterior Painting Brick Wall

Paint with a brush or a spray gun?

While doing first towards brick painting, it’s recommended that use a paint brush and paint roller rather than using a spray gun.

The tools are more economical and the basic technique better understood by most people. 

Also, in high winds, a long nap roller for porous surfaces will be easier to use than a gun. Likewise, the brush should be flexible and of good quality to get all the details and interstices of the joints and the brick itself.

What type of paint to use?

Due to the porosity of the brick, professional house painters recommend acrylic for exterior house painting Services because it has a more flexible appearance which will have better adhesion, depending on the various surfaces to be painted such as brick and according to your budget. 

Acrylic also seeks to combine performance and respect for the environment with its products.

In addition, some places require a paint that is resistant to moisture and weathering, such as 100% acrylic elastomeric paint.

An experienced and skilled Painter does not fail to offer a choice of paint finish: matte, gloss, or satin. Personally, the best choice is always the paint which will give you all these characteristics which will cost you more but it’s the one which will last you the longest.

That’s why Mas Construction uses the best products and tools for exterior painting work:

  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Dulux
  • Behr
  • Para’s

When to do exterior painting work?

The ideal temperature for the exterior house painting is around 10° C (50° F). Before starting to watch out for the weather, strong winds and midday sun which can respectively create an unwanted splash on the other architectural elements and bake your paint job.

The ideal months for exterior home painting are June to September according to favorable conditions.

Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast! Avoid exposure to rain for the generally recommended 12 hours of drying time after paint application. 

A downpour during the process is far from being desired, the fresh latex paint is easily washed off with water.

Planning brick painting work

brick painting work

The exterior brick should only be painted if the temperature is above 10 ° Celsius. Otherwise, the paint may adhere poorly to the brick, take a very long time to dry and may not be durable. A specialist in the brick painting also measures (contact hygrometer) the humidity of the surfaces to be painted.

Brick structures require careful painting in City exposed to rain and sun, cold and snow, dirt and pollution, etc. A specialist in exterior coat of paint can restore shine and beauty to old brick walls.

The steps for painting work

  1. As with all painting or staining jobs, PREPARATION is one of the most important steps. The first thing to do is to clean the surface with a pressure machine.
  2. Then, if the coating has already been painted, scrape off any pieces of paint that come off (scales, cracks) if necessary and sand before painting again.
  3. The preparation finished, it’s time to paint. In this case you don’t require to wait for the coating to dry. A freshly washed, rather damp brick will soak up less paint and allow your color to last longer (10-15 years) without cracking.
  4. Buy a quality paint product that includes protection against ultraviolet rays and various external weather conditions. It is advisable to do business with an advisor in the matter.

Exterior painting problems

You may not be an expert in painting but there are many problems that arise during the work.. So here are some problems associated with brick (painted) walls are as follows:

  • flaking;
  • cracking;
  • ageing masonry;
  • mortar in poor condition;
  • previous poor surface preparation;
  • poor choice of paint;
  • Moisture and mould problem.

Maintaining a painted brick surface

brick surface

After spending effort and money, it’s important to make them live longer and clean, but how?

Wash your walls with the brush and a solution of water and TSP, then rinse with plenty of water (recommended this work done by professional house painters in Toronto.

This product also acts as a trim and surface maintenance.

How to choose the best exterior painter

The quality of work depends upon the work experience of the Exterior house painter.

Here are some tips that can be very useful when choosing an exterior painter.

  • Ask for referrals and ask for the opinion of a client who has already done business with the contractor you have targeted.
  • Check the qualifications and creditworthiness of the contractor with official bodies.
  • A real brick-painting contractor holds skills cards and offers a clear, clean and precise contract. Too many clients have been disappointed by incompetent or improper amateur painters. 
  • And recourse is almost non-existent since it is the client’s responsibility to check the qualifications and solvency of the company he hires.

FAQ: Painting Brick Wall by Exterior Painter

QUE: How to clean brick

We want to clean the brick thoroughly to dislodge all the dirt and contaminants that could affect the adhesion of the paint. That’s why it’s best to use a residue-free surface preparation cleaner like PTS, for example. This type of soap dislodges contaminants without leaving a greasy substance on your brick. Your wall will therefore be ready to paint.

The PTS solution can be applied with a brush or roller. To save time, if you have a sprayer with a tank, you can also spray it on your brick wall. Then, the ideal is to rub with a nylon brush to clean the surface thoroughly. It is then rinsed with clear water.

QUE: Do I have to apply a primer?

No, in general, you can apply latex paint directly to a well-cleaned brick. However, if you want to cover a dark color (like the traditional brick red) with a light color, it is best to apply a primer. The primer will allow you to cover the dark color without having to apply five coats of finish. Also, if your brick is very old, it may have a porosity problem. A brick that is too porous can cause water and moisture infiltration problems. In this case, a coat of water-based primer such as

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