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Most Asked Question on House Painting by Painters in Markham | FAQ’s


You must have many questions about House Painting if you plan to get a new look at your house. Read this article to know the most asked question on House Painting by Painters in Markham.

At Mas Construction, our job is to help you with our knowledge, experience, and services. Together our team of Painters in Markham collected the most commonly asked questions and their answers for you.

Most Asked Questions Are:

Which paint is the right one?

Both interior and exterior walls require different types of paint because of the different environments of both walls. Exterior paints are usually oil-based, and interior paints are usually water-based in nature. So you can use these brands like:

Which offer all types of pain, including Get some more house paint color suggestions by house painter Toronto

What is unique about latex paint?

Latex paint is a particularly abrasion and scrubbing resistant wall and ceiling paint that is less sensitive to dirt. Typical areas of application are, e.g. kitchens, hallways or bathrooms. Painters in Markham particularly recommend silk-gloss latex paint, as this is even easier to clean.

Are latex paints unfavorable for the indoor climate? Do they prevent moisture exchange?

Latex paints are “water vapour diffusible” and thus enable moisture to be exchanged between the wall and the room.

However, 90% of the moisture in a room escapes through windows and doors anyway, for example, when ventilating. So you can use latex paints with a clear conscience to protect and decorate your walls.

Is it essential to clean the exterior wall before Painting? How Much does it Cost?

Painted wall cleaning is essential before you start a new painting. A dusty wall can cause a crack in paint after it dries out. But, most importantly, it reduces the life of house paint by half of its life.

The costs for exterior wall cleaning vary from property to property. The costs for facade cleaning depend on the size of the area to be cleaned. 

But the average cost of Exterior wall cleaning is between $200 and $350 for a 2,000 square foot house. But some painters offer it for free with a complete Exterior Painting Package.

Estimate Painting Cost for Single or Double Story House

Factors like weather, size of your house, how repair work would require before Painting, etc., affect the cost of house painting.

  1. Gutter and fascia, at $2 – $5 per square foot.
  2. Eaves, at $2 – $6 per square foot.
  3. Walls, at $3 – $4 per square foot.
  4. Texture coats, $ per square foot.

The Average Cost to Paint a Rooms

The cost of painting a house can vary depending on some situations like weather, season, and size of your house, how repair work would it require before Painting, etc.

But here are the average cost of house painting in Toronto.

  1. Ceilings, starting to form $100 per average-sized room
  2. Walls, $400 -$500 per average-sized room
  3. Doors and door frames, $100 to $150 per room

How should an interior surface be prepared before Painting?

Before painting any interior surface, it is essential to check its condition to detect possible problems. If it is in optimal condition, it will only be necessary to clean it with a damp cloth to remove traces of dirt and dust. 

How to calculate the interior paint needed?

Painters in Markham get to the m2 of the surface to be painted. Then they get this by multiplying the width of the wall by its height. Still, many painters used several tools to calculate it faster and accurately.

Is there a difference between smooth or rough surfaces?

Yes, there are differences, since the performance on rough walls is lower than on smooth ones. The main problem is that there are grooves on the rough surface, the paint is hard to penetrate, small areas are not painted or color is lost. Therefore, it is essential to have a brush suitable for rough walls.

How to paint the house wall?

You must paint your house only when it is a temperature of at least 5 degrees. It is the only way to guarantee optimal drying. Try to avoid extreme heat and prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, before Painting, you must repair all the wall damage.

1. Clean

The wall’s surface should be freed from contamination again before Painting, even if there are no moss or algae deposits in a new building. You must remove dust very well with a high-pressure cleaner. It is advisable to use a brush for coarse dirt.

2. Apply primer

A primer is applied first to ensure that the paint adheres perfectly. Make sure to use special silicate primers for silicate paints.

3. Carry out a primer coat 

After the primer coat, the paint can be pre-coated. It can be easily diluted with water if necessary (5 to 15 percent). You can also add an algaecide to the primer to prevent mould and algae.

4. Painting the final coat

The final coat is made with undiluted paint and should be applied crosswise. It means that you first stroke across and then again lengthways with the roller to achieve the highest obscurity. 

How many coats of paint do I need on my home?

Many factors determine this. First, use a very thick primer and a top coat of the highest quality paint made by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore for the exterior.

If you stay in the same color or just in the shade, each one coat covers well. If the color changes dramatically, apply the exterior paint twice. Stain jobs are two coats unless you insist on only one, and the wood is not very dry. 

You may also coat twice on the sunny side of the house and elsewhere, but Painters in Markham usually recommended coating twice. Always paint two thin coats when painting on aluminum or vinyl siding.

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