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How to Clean Painted a Wall by Professional Painters in Toronto

How to Clean Painted Wall by Professional Painters in Toronto

To increase the life of wall paint you must clear your wall after every few months. Maintaining walls paint can save your money by repainting your house. Here are some tips by Professional Painters in Toronto that offer you to regularly maintain walls without damaging the paint covering them.

Items Required for Cleaning Painted Walls

Here are the list of some essential tool required for Painter wall cleaning.

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Step 1: Determine the paint and finish

What type of paint and finish is covering your walls? Knowing the answer to this question will help you determine how much effort you need to put in without removing the finish from the paint. 

Most commonly used in homes, latex is the most easily cleaned type of paint. Dark colors and matte finishes are easier to damage or remove if rubbed too vigorously, while velvety, satin or semi-gloss finishes are generally more durable.

Step 2: Preparation

Take two buckets: One for cleaning solutions and the other for rinsed water. Place towels and rags on the floor or s breadth to adjust the surface around the walls and collect excess dirt, dust and water.

Step 3: Remove surface dirt

Dust your walls before washing them. Use a vacuum cleaner brush to gently remove dust and dirt on the surface. Towels and rags on the floor collect excess dirt that is not vacuumed.


Avoid using aerosol cleaners for glass or household cleaning on painted walls, as they contain strong solvents that can damage the finish.

Step 4: Clean with water

Water – quite simply – is one of the best cleaning agents. Start by removing the easiest stains with a clean, damp sponge and tap water. You will then know which areas will require a more powerful cleaner and more sustained effort.

Step 5: Cleaning from Top to Bottom

House Painters in Toronto recommend starting at the top of the wall and head down to prevent behind the scenes. Rub lightly in a circular circle. When done, wipe and dry the cleaned area with a clean dry cloth.

If the water is not enough to remove dirt on the surface, use diluted dish soap or eco-friendly, all-natural cleaners like vinegar. Note that vinegar has a unique smell and not everyone will like it. Be sure to rinse the walls with clean water.

Make your own soap to wash the walls

Homemade soaps are very effective at cleaning painted walls, just as much if not more than commercial products. The two formulas that you offer are economical and easy to do.

Formula 1

  1. Mix 250 ml (one cup) of borax and 30 ml (two tablespoons) of dish soap in 4 liters (16 cups) of hot water.
  2. You will find borax in the cleaning supplies section of the supermarket.

Formula 2

  1. Mix 250 ml (one cup) of ammonia and 5 ml (one teaspoon) of dish soap in 4 liters (16 cups) of water.

Step 6: Clean up encrusted stains

For encrusted stains – think lipstick and wine – add two tablespoons of ammonia or dish soap to 3.79 L of lukewarm water. First test the solution in an inconspicuous area. 

Beware of odors that could be strong. If the finish remains unchanged, continue.


The brighter the finish, the easier it is to clean. Conversely, the more matte the finish, the smoother you should proceed.

The intensity level of cleaning and paint finish

Regardless of its gloss level – high gloss or matte or ultra-matte – a paint finish greatly enhances the appearance of a room. When it comes to cleaning, each group of finishes requires a special approach.

Matte Finish – Very Gentle Clean

It is much more difficult to remove stains from paint with a more matte finish. To constant scrubbing or cleaning can cause a buffing problem. Careful cleaning is required.

Velvety and Pearl Finishes – Gentle Cleaning

Due to its high wash ability, the velvety finish is homeowners’ favorite. The pearl and satin finishes provide a bit more shine than the velvety finish and are easy to clean. However, it is recommended to take it easy to clean them.

Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss Finishes – Heavier Cleaning 

The more robust finishes – Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss – are more resistant to stains. It is therefore possible to clean them a little more vigorously.

How to clean a non-washable painted wall

Be careful, things get complicated with a non-washable painted wall, cleaning can potentially attack the paint, and therefore leave traces. 

In theory, therefore, avoid cleaning a non-washable painted wall! In the event of a stain, on the other hand, grandmother’s remedy consists in passing a potato cut in half over the stains, the starch sometimes sufficient to erase them, before wiping delicately with a cloth soaked in water. 

For the modern version, try the magic sponge, always gently and from the bottom up. And as a last resort, one can try a blow of gum, again with the greatest delicacy.

If your paint starts peeling off, there are so many means of reasons for cleaning wall paint. House Painter recommends you to get a repaint your house. Get your free quote today for repainting your home.

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