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Unlock the House Exterior Painting Tips by Exterior Painter in Toronto


Exterior Painting is not an easy task to do, a long process, and certainly requires special precaution. However, the investment of time and money is usually well worth it, since the exterior painter job has a direct impact on the appearance of your home.

Before refreshing your exterior paint, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that your project exterior wall paint will be durable and have the desired effect on your home.

So here are proven house Painting tips that you should read explain by painters in Toronto before you start your work.

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Are you planning for exterior painting

If you are planning for painting by yourself be prepare yourself because you are not a professional. Here is the step-by-step guide on the exterior painting before you start the job. What kind of tool you need, how to choose paint colours and how to apply them etc.

Choose Painting tools wisely

There are many kinds of painting tools available in the market. But choose wisely because you have to use these once only. So don’t spend too much on the costly tools.

Here’s what you should get first:

The choice of exterior paint finish

Not so long ago, oil paint was recommended for painting siding paint. Oil paint, thanks to the VOC (volatile organic compound) law, has almost completely disappeared from the shelves. Fortunately, water-based paints today can offer virtually the same lustre and durability.

As for the different types of finishes, here are the choices available to you for exterior:

House colors suggestions by exterior painter

To choose the right painting color for your home, you need to assess what you already have as well as your surroundings. 

Do you have colored window outlines? A dark or light wood porch and exterior stairs, what color will match your exterior stain colors best? What color is your roof? 

Do you plan to change it soon? The amount of sunlight in your home will also have an impact on the color chosen. Think about all the seasons when making your choice. 

In the winter, some places maybe get lighter as the trees shed their leaves. Think about it! 

Consult with decoration professionals if you are not sure that you are making the right choice. They can enlighten you and offer you paint colors that will meet your tastes.

Painting schedule temperature effects:

You have to keep in mind your painting work schedules according to weather conditions. So you should rely on the weather forecast as much as possible. Here are some basic temperature tips::

Surface preparation

As with interior painting, the preparation of the surface to be painted is essential in the exterior. This can be the difference between a pickup result and a perfect finish. Where the harsh winter can damage and damage the exterior siding. 

It is estimated that almost 75% of the time you spend on your paint job should be spent on surface preparation. Here are our tips:

Safety during the painting work

Exterior paint can sometimes put you in a difficult position, especially if you have to paint tall surfaces. Your safety should therefore be a top priority. 

If you do not have the necessary equipment to ensure your safety, or if you are not confident in your means, it may be better to do business with a professional.

The durability of house exterior paint?

The durability of your paint depends on several factors. The sun, temperature changes, and urban residues like dust and smog can affect the life of exterior paint. 

Usually, you will need to repeat the painting steps between 10 and 20 years. Watch for signs like paint chipping or discoloration so you know when to paint your home’s exterior siding.

Exterior paint: sustainable choice

Think about it! Repainting the exterior of a house is much more durable than changing it completely. Instead of eliminating what you already own, you can give your home a whole new look with paint. Exterior paint will protect your siding against bad weather, humidity, temperature, fluctuations, and dirt. Plus, coating paint is a lot less expensive than a complete replacement!

Bonus exterior painting tips

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