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Interior painting: A clean, efficient, and quality work

A clean, efficient, and quality painting work

The right Interior Painting can transform your property from a dull-looking room to a bright and beautiful room! Choosing the perfect shade can transform any space and at the same time it helps you reflect your dreams, hopes, personality, and mood in more vibrant colors.

A good interior paint job includes patching and sanding cracks, holes, and surface flaws to be clean and dust-free. 

We, Mas Construction, understand how precious your home is to you. Customer satisfaction is the first priority so that we don’t consider the job finished until you are satisfied.

We are a professional house painting company in Toronto, serving since 2010 in Toronto, Brampton, and Mississauga. Our team offer a HUGE range of painting and house decor services. For instance these services include:

How we start our interior painting job

Our priority is to make sure that we don’t interrupt your day. However, after booking your appointment with our Interior Painter, he will be discussing your project details and gives you a brief explanation of how they work and what they need, etc. 

Before we start, inspect the project to identify areas that have needed to be sand or repairing.

Once the surface is well prepared, we take the necessary measures to keep the paint on the surfaces. Then prepare your home for painting:

Right Painting Color Suggestions

Above all, choosing the right colors can be one of the hardest parts of the painting work. You don’t have to do it alone! We are happy to sit down and consult with you on the colors that best suit your home.

Our interior designer will walk you through the basics of home painting, colors, and ideas, In addition help you find the perfect colors for your space.

Color Code

Wondering which color palette is best for Interior Painting?

Decorative Interior Painting

In recent years, the demand has increased to decorate homes with certain images that are in harmony with our space.

Our Interior Painter through different techniques with time. We continuous concern to learn and improve, we have been perfecting until obtaining the results that both individuals and companies desire. 

Ask about our possibilities or ask us for advice in your particular case.

 Clean tools before start painting job

Cleans all rollers and brushes before starting the painting work, even if they are new. We make sure to have the right paint roller for the type of work you are going to be doing.

We use a broom with damp cloths to remove dust and be sure to sweep the floors well to prevent dirt from rising during the work. 

The most important thing to first check the wall and repair it, if needed.

Apply petroleum jelly to the screws if painting not required

For some screws to keep their metallic appearance, we apply petroleum jelly before painting.

Once the paint Is dried, after rubbing them with a dry cloth and the screw will return to its previous color. We also use masking tape.

We use plastic wrap to cover objects that are difficult to move

Some objects are difficult to move and get stained easily, especially when painting in the bathroom or the kitchen. Rather than using thick, bulky towels, we use plastic wrap to protect them.

Trim the edges of old rollers before using them

To avoid visible roller bumps, we lightly trim the ends of your used roller.

We always keep a damp cloth with us while working

Fortunately, latex paint cleans up very well with a damp cloth, if you don’t wait too long before acting.

Paint one wall at a time for best results

By painting one wall at a time, we can see a virtually imperceptible transition between our brush cut and roller application. This is one of the best ways for successful cutting!

Do not force the roller to apply the paint

While forcing and stretch the paint too much, you will see the roller strokes once the paint dries.

For reference, we prefer to paint while holding your pole with two fingers. To easily spread the paint, use “W” movements to apply the paint.

Use box bottoms to drag your tools

This is the best way to avoid damage. Paint, bucket, lid, roller, cloth, put everything in one place to quickly find what you need.

Remove tapes before paint dries completely

To avoid irregularities and for straight lines, Interior Painter removes the decoupage tapes before the paint dries completely. For best results, pull the tape at a 45-degree angle as shown in the photo.

We remember the paint cans for future touch-ups

By correctly identifying your open paint cans. After that we can quickly find the color you need for touch-ups. Most importantly, keep only the colors that you might need in the future, and take the old, unnecessary containers to a drop-off point near you.

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