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Venetian Stucco or plaster is a wall covering of plaster or lime similar to marble in appearance, formerly used to protect or decorate the interiors and exteriors of houses. 

The technique Venetian plaster dates back to ages. Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used it with great art in various achievements.

Having become masters in the field, the Italians developed these techniques and distributed them in Europe during the Renaissance, hence the famous “Venetian plaster” applied particularly to wall coverings.We are a professional Painting Contractor with the knowledge and experience of this plaster. It is composed of plaster or fatty lime mixed with fine fillers, often marble powder, and tinted in the mass.

Mas Construction is the best service provider for Venetian plaster Toronto. Best for your job.

The benefit of having a Venetian plaster done

It is perfect for giving a strong personal connotation, not only in the degree of finish but also through the nuances that it allows achieving.

As this is a material that provides for the intervention of expert hands with a strong artisanal character in its production, the effects obtained are unique and inimitable.

The Venetian stucco is brilliant, with a mirror effect, very bright, and often it reflects light. Mas Construction’s talent lies specifically in our professional interior house painter’s ability to create plays of light by using this characteristic which makes spaces luminous.

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