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MAS construction

Drywall installation

A Detailed Guide on Drywall Installation Services, Toronto

The drywall is a good option for renovation and new construction of the home. It helps to make partition in space; Drywall Installation makes extra space for new rooms. These non-load-bearing walls are used for many other reasons also, and the type chose varies depending on the use. In this detailed article on ‚ÄúDrywall installation services in…
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Venetian Plaster Step by Step Guide

Venetian Plaster: A Step by Step Guide 2020

Venetian plaster is a modern term that describes an ancient stucco plaster. Traditionally, it has achieved its effect through the use of unique materials by a skilled craftsman.  Fortunately, the Venetian plasters have allowed DIY enthusiasts to create similar results in just a few steps and without special training. You can find Venetian plaster at painting…
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How to install drywall

Room Divider Wall – Wet wall or Drywall Installation Toronto

We all adjust everywhere, in our life, with our Netflix, for TV, for a vehicle and one person suffers others just chill. So why to adjust by sharing your room when you can make it into two and have your own privacy and no more adjusting.  Yes it is possible with Room divider wall. With…
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House painters

Choose the Right Colors for House Painting In Toronto

Nowadays, people are getting more and more variety in their wall paint choices. There are several suitable ways to get your home decor by choosing colours for house painting including some marvelous and trendy wall paint colors.  Selecting the right paint color for your house is not an easy task. The color should reflect your…
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Painters in Toronto

Painters in Toronto – MAS Construction

Passionately, we are serving people of Canada with our experienced team of Painters in Toronto. We are working with all residential, office and commercial painting services. Wall paint shows your nature weather you are simple and elegant or you are fancy and classy, that’s why we use only the best quality color which looks premium and…
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